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Cairns and Tablelands meth house testing, cleaning and decontamination are a part of our specialised cleaning services. It’s sad that this is needed, but it’s soon to become an essential service up here. Did you know that METH or ICE use is at epidemic levels across the world and that Australia ranks as the highest users per capita in the world? The residue left behind from meth production and personal meth consumption is invisible; it has no odor and is not obvious. However, the effects from contaminated homes can make you and your family and/or tenants really sick, which makes testing, cleaning and decontamination very important. Abel Services are industry trained to deliver professional and discreet Meth residue testing, cleaning and decontamination services. For more information on our meth house testing and cleaning services, contact Nicole at Abel Services today on 0417 758 302.

Our Meth House Testing

Abel Services has completed training with Decon Systems (New Zealand) on methamphetamine testing and subsequent cleaning and decontamination. This service is available to property owners, real estate agents and more.

Your Health Risks

The risks associated with living in a contaminated property are serious. Health impacts can include migraines, gastro intestinal distress, respiratory issues, skin rashes and more. It affects kids and adults alike.

Property Decontamination

We use the Neutrasol System for property decontamination and cleaning. It’s a three-step process which includes Prep Wash abrasion and cleaning, application of detergent and activator and then optimized peroxide.

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Did you know that if a property has been used for meth production and/or occupied by meth users, then the drug leaves a residue which makes subsequent occupants sick? Health implications may include persistent coughs and asthma like symptoms, headaches and migraines, skin rashes and lesions and problems sleeping.

With the use of meth and ice increasing around the country, and indeed even in our region of the Tablelands and Cairns, some states are thinking of making meth house testing mandatory for rental properties.

Actual meth house testing is a relatively simple and inexpensive exercise, which Abel Services is pleased to perform for property owners and real estate agents. For more information, contact Nicole at Abel Services today on 0417 758 302.


Meth house cleaning and decontamination is a specialised process, which Abel Services perform for clients across the Tablelands, Cape York and Cairns. Abel Services have undertaken appropriate industry training to complete this process, effectively and safely. We use the Neutrasol Meth Decontamination System.

The Neutrasol Meth Decontamination System can remove meth residue from your property. It starts with the application of Prep Wash, to clean down all walls and surfaces. This is sprayed on and then scrubbed and rinsed or wiped away. We then apply Part A and Part B foam, which draws the chemical residue out of the walls and surfaces. The final step is to apply optimized hydrogen peroxide, which causes a chemical reaction, releasing any final residue which might be there.

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